Chuck Weber

To create your portait, Chuck can work from a live sitting, a favorite snapshot(s) or new photography as reference. If necessary, a family or group portrait can be created using separate individual photos as reference. Your preference and your complete satisfaction are always the first priority. Following a discussion of style, size and setting a timetable and cost is finalized. The quality of your photo reference is important to assure a strong likeness. If new photography is warranted, we can arrange a photo session at the studio, at no charge. There is a modest fee for a location or photo session at your home.

From there, Chuck goes to work. The final portrait is created in the studio. There are no additional charges, exclusive of shipping, frame and sales tax, and travel expenses if necessary. Please allow a minimum of 6 months for final completion. At certain times, rush completion may be possible at a 20% premium.


Chuck Weber Portraits

D. Lynne Willett

D. Lynne's fine art flower portraits are produced through a strict conventional photographic process and are not digitally retouched, manipulated or re-cropped in any way. The resulting images are exactly as they appear in the negatives and proof that beauty and magic exist naturally in the world around us.

Self-described as an "intuitive photographer", D. Lynne is inspired by the flowers in her garden and has taken over 8,000 photographs since her first of this style in August 2000. She continues to use only the sun, the wind and other natural flowers in the background to produce startling vibrant images which evoke our emotions as if we are looking at expressive paintings instead of actual flowers.

All images are available in signed limited-edition prints, through the conventional photographic enlargement process, on archival paper in sizes up to 24 x 30.

D. Lynne Willett Fine Art Photography